In Bible class on Sunday, Jim Dvorak spoke about how Jews see everything as having a place. Holiness to a Jew like Paul meant that you were in the place God intend you to be. You’re “right with God.” Then Jim applied these ideas to I Corinthians showing how Paul is placing the idea of the “world” in one column verses that of God in the other. The world, its ways, and ideas are “foolish” and “weak,” while God, his ways, and ideas are “wise” and “strong.” Thus, when you’re lined up with God and in your place, you’re holy.

Looking at Corinthians and some other New Testament ideas through this “place” world view, gave me some “Aha” moments. One of them was on Sunday. The sermon was on Joy and how we should have Joy in all circumstances. It occurred to me that if you’re thinking like the world, then this idea of Joy is foolish, and it’s an impossible task. But, if you’re with God and you’re thinking in a holy way, seeing things from God’s “place,” then you can have Joy regardless of what is going on around you. Not because you’re so strong, but because you’re viewing the world from a radically different paradigm—God’s.

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