Friday Favs: Pray and Play Bibles 1 & 2

Jun 15, 2012

Oops! I make a mistake. When I reviewed Pray and Play Bible a few months ago, I based my review off photocopies I had with me in Hawaii while we lived there. You can imagine my surprise when we got back to Oklahoma, I got my actual book, and I didn’t find the songs I was looking for!

The book I actually reviewed at that time was Playtime Devotions by Tamara Schmitz. The updated review for that book can be found here. Below is my actual review for the Pray and Play Bible books…

Product Details

The Pray and Play Bibles 1 and 2 are an excellent source for devotions and activities for you and your children or grandchildren. The Bible stories are short enough that Liam, whose now 10 months old, can listen but complex enough that Ethan, whose 2 1/2, likes them, too. I would suspect that children as old as 7 or 8 would also enjoy the stories and especially the activities found in these books.

After each Bible story, you’ll find songs related to the story to the tune of popular songs you already know. For instance, one of the songs that goes along with the story of creation is to the tune of  “The Mulberry Bush.” It goes,

The heavens tell the glory of God,/ Glory of God,/ Glory of God,/ The heavens tell the glory of God,/ Psalms nineteen, verse one!

Product Details

Then after each set of songs you’ll find prayers that also correspond to the story. These are not your typical, “God is great. God is good…” prayers. For example, some of them are written as rhymes to help your children remember them or better yet have an activity that goes along with them to help your children to remember to pray daily. For instance, the prayer idea for the creation story has your child plant seeds. Each seed represents a family member. As your child waters the seeds daily, it helps them to remember to pray for each member of their family. I love it!

I think my very favorite part of the Pray and Play Bibles has to be the activities at the end of each story. They range from easy to do off the fly to a little more complicated, but all are great ways to get the story’s point across and keep your children busy. This week we made one of the projects associated with the story of Jonah. It was supper easy and consisted of turning a business envelope into a big fish hand puppet. Ethan LOVED playing with his “big fish” all afternoon and having the fish swallow “Jonah” the Lego guy and everything else. 

If you’re looking for great books to do at home devos with your kids or grandkids and want lots of fun activities to help them remember the stories and keep them busy, these are the books for you! I really look forward to wearing my book out as I use it during our hot Oklahoma summer afternoons. You can purchase them on Amazon here and here or your local Christian book store may carry them.

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid for or received compensation of any kind for this review. I simply love the books and wanted to pass them on to you.

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