Daily Quiet Time- Philippians, Week 2

Jun 18, 2012

Hi readers!

I’m so excited about how the first week is going. You all are doing a great job sharing your thoughts on the readings each day. If you haven’t joined in the conversation on Facebook yet, please feel free to do so. Like I said before, everyone’s thoughts are welcome. What God’s Spirit reveals to you about a particular reading, may be different from what He shows me. I have really been blessed to hear what God is showing you so far, so please continue to share!

You may find it beneficial to look at the readings in several different versions this week. Lately, I am gaining a lot more insight into the Bible by reading how different versions translate particular verses. If you don’t have a stack of Bibles, don’t worry! You have access to many FREE versions at Crosswalk.com or Biblestudytools.com, or on the YouVersion app. You can find my reviews of them here and here, and direct links to them here (Crosswalk.com), here (Biblestudytools.com), and here (YouVersion).


I pray that God opens your eyes to see and ears to hear what He wants to teach you through our study of Philippians. Your presence here is no accident.

So grab your coffee and join us for week two of Philippians…

God bless. Have a great week!


ps. If you’re new here, links to our discussion on Facebook can be found above under the “Online Bible Study” tab or by clicking on the Facebook link at the right.

Philippians ~ Week 2

Monday, June 18th- Overview Day

Philippians 2
  • What thoughts and ideas jump out at you? Why? Consider sharing them with us on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 19th-“Christ’s Example of Humility”

Philippians 2:1-10
  • What do you think Paul means when he writes that we are to be of the “same” or “one” mind in verse two?
  • How does his example of Christ’s mindset affect your reading of verse two?

Wednesday, June 20th-“Lights in the World,” Part 1

Philippians 2:12-13 (If you can, try to read these verses in several translations. You can find digital ones at Biblestudytools.com and on the YouVersion App.)
  • What do you think Paul means by the phrase “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” (v. 12, ESV)? What leads you to that conclusion?

Thursday, June 21st- “Lights in the World,” Part 2

Philippians 2:14-18
  • What do you think Paul means when he says, “hold fast to the word of life” (v.16, ESV)?
  • How can you “hold fast to the word of life” today?

Friday, June 22nd-“Timothy and Epaphroditus”

Philippians 2:19-30
  • How did/are Timothy and Epaphroditus serving Paul and the Christian brothers?
  • What can you learn from their examples? How can you put what you learned in to practice this week?

Weekend—Break Time!

  • Saturday- Psalms 3 or Prov. 2:1-15
  • Sunday – Psalms 4 or Prov. 2:16-22

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