Daily Quiet Time: Philippians, Week 4

Jul 2, 2012

Hi Readers,

This is our last week in Philippians. I hope you have been blessed by this study like I have. See you back here next Monday as we begin our study of 15 Minutes Alone with God by Emilie Barnes.

Have a great week!


Philippians, Week 4

Monday, July 2nd-Overview Day

What thoughts and ideas jump out at you? Why? Consider sharing these with us on Facebook.

Tuesday, July 3rd-“Exhortation, Encouragement, and Prayer” Part 1

What anxieties are you holding on to today that you need to bring to God will thanksgiving?

Wednesday, July 4th-“Exhortation, Encouragement, and Prayer” Part 2

Do you have any thoughts that are taking up residence in your mind that you need to replace? What pure thoughts could you focus on replacing them with?

Thursday, July 5th-“God’s Provision” Part 1

What situation in your life can you turn over to God and allow him to strengthen you through?

Friday, July 6th-“God’s Provision” Part 2

Here Paul speaks of the blessing the Philippian’s gift was to him. Are there any missionaries or people who have been “Father’s in the Faith” to you that you could bless today? Maybe not with money (though, I’m sure that’s always helpful) but with encouragement, too?

Saturday, July 7th-Recap


As you reread Philippians, notice Paul’s focus on heaven. It seems to pour from him. So often in our daily lives we forget it is our ultimate goal. How can you remind yourself today to keep you focus heavenward daily?

Sunday, July 8th—Break Time!

Don’t forget our new study on 15 Minutes Alone with God by Emilie Barnes begins on Monday, July 9th!

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