Hi Readers,


I’m going to try something different on Facebook. I’ve heard from several of you that it is hard to access Over A Cup’s page on Facebook to participate in the discussion and to see what others have posted.

So we’re going to move from to a Group page and see if that works better. Once you’ve joined, Over A Cup should show under the “Groups” section on your Facebook home page or in the navigation column on your smart phone. I hope this change make participating in the conversation easier.

I have added several of you to the new group already. If I haven’t added you yet, it’s an open group so you can easily add yourself. Just go to the Over A Cup group Facebook page here, and click “Join Group” on the right hand side.

I’m sorry about any inconvenience, but I hope this makes the Online Bible Study discussion much easier to follow. Please join us on the new Group page. I really hope you make the move with us!

God Bless,


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