Let’s try something different this week.

I write all the time, and if I have something to say, you all know my thoughts on our reading through my other blog posts. So, though you’re welcome to post anytime, I’m going to dedicate Thursdays to you!

I’ll do a Facebook wall post with a prompt, or a question, or nothing at all. You can respond to the question or prompt or just tell us about any thoughts or verses that stuck out to you in your quiet time this past week.

If you’re not doing the same study we are, don’t worry! Thoughts on anything you’re studying are welcome.

My goal is to first help us learn from each other and second have a way to help you hold yourself accountable to spend time with God each day. I’m in an exercising group, and I have found that seeing others posts and knowing they’re watching for mine really helps me to keep going, even on days I’d rather skip out. I’d like to do the same here.

So….what are your thoughts on what you’re reading this week? Anything jump out at you that you want to share? Thursday is the day to do it!

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By Abiding in Jesus.

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