Beyond….what does that mean? It makes me think of going beyond what I know, what I expect. I’m in an online class right now that is teaching me how to be a better online teacher. Many (most) of the other “students” are doctorate holders or will be soon. Talk about going beyond yourself! Trying to keep up with them in the discussion forums is certainly stretching me beyond myself.

There is an idea, which I think is true, that to write a certain way you need to read stuff written that way to begin with. That said, my classmate’s writing is pretty highbrow since most of them are fresh off doctorates or currently in process. Mine? I read children’s books. This class is definitely taking me beyond what I thought I could do right now and making me stretch myself. My brain hurts  : )

So where in your life are you being forced to go beyond your current capabilities? Where are you being stretched? If you’re not, why not?

Going beyond is hard and scary, but in the end it’s good. It brings us to places we haven’t seen before, or reminds us of parts of ourselves that we forgot existed. Going beyond is good. Feel the STRETCH!

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