Following Sara, part 2

Aug 1, 2012

as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord. And you are her children, if you do good and do not fear anything that is frightening. ~1 Peter 3:6, ESV

Quick Sip
Last time we looked at the first part of this verse, now let’s look at the second part.
Can you imagine the daily sacrifice not being fearful was on Sara’s part? Early on in their marriage God told them to leave their families forever and follow him. As they traveled, Abraham twice asked her to say she was his sister because he was afraid, he went to war, he let Lot chose the best land, the promised child was delayed for 20+ years,  Abraham almost sacrificed her only son, and they followed God across the known world. If I was Sarah, I would have been afraid. I would have questioned Abraham’s decisions, and at times I would have been mad and impatient.

In the verse above, Peter freely acknowledges that Sarah’s circumstance were fearful. She had every right to be afraid, and we know she didn’t walk that road perfectly. However, she must have turned her fears over to God often enough and trusted God and Abraham that here Peter gives us her example to follow.

Can you imagine how beautiful her trusting attitude made her to Abraham? The Bible says she was a beautiful woman, but I wonder if it was at least in part due to her attitude of trust in the face of fearful circumstances. I want to learn to be like Sarah, at peace in the while facing the frightening, instead of anxious and fearful.

Full Cup

Above I gave you snippets of Sarah’s story, but you can find the whole story in Genesis 11:27-23:9

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