Friday Favs: For Mothers

Aug 3, 2012

I guess when God says something to you in four different ways in one day, you’d better listen, Huh? My lessons on Wednesday this week began with our devotional in 15 Minutes Alone with God called “Know the Bent of your Child,” which is really good if you missed reading it.

Then I ran across these three blogs posts that all talk about knowing your children and learning how to use your words to build them up. More of my thoughts on all this later, but for now here are the posts. They were so good, I thought you might enjoy them and learn from them, too.

“When your wheels are spinning…(engage with empathy)” ~ Kari Patterson, Sacred Mundane

“Cultivating a Home of Peace” ~ Joy Forney, Graceful Momma (guest post at Mom Heart)

“Words as Worship” ~ Joy Forney, Graceful Momma (guest post at Mom Heart)

If you have time today, I would encourage you to look around those blogs. I just found them this week and am really loving the encouraging words I found there.

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