Five Minute Friday: Stretch

Aug 17, 2012

Today we’re joining Lisa Jo over at The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday. Every Friday writers join her and write for five minutes on one topic no over thinking and no editing. All are welcome! Come join the fun here–Five Minute Friday.


Five Minute FridayBeing a mom is stretching me beyond myself. Way….beyond myself. I’m sitting here writing after a night of almost no sleep. It’s in part due to the fact that after a year of no sleep with a baby, my body is not used to more sleep–a full night’s sleep. So every other night, I can’t fall asleep at all. Then it’s due to impart we are weaning, potty training, and have a toddle sleeping in new bed all at the same time–in the same room. So one wakes the other up, which equals even less sleep.

So here I sit, waiting for a newly one-year-old to fall back to sleep, so I can go back to sleep, too. Stretch! Pre-kids, I loved my sleep. I still do, but I guess we won’t being seeing much of each other for a while.

Learning to be selfless is another way motherhood is really stretching me. You hear about all mothers have to do and be, but the reality is far more challenging than one not a mother could ever dream. It’s not just all the stuff needed to keep a family running, that’s hard, too, but it’s the inner stretching that’s the hardest….

Do you find it hard to study the Bible?

It doesn’t have to be.

Let me help you learn a technique for studying that makes it simple. Join me as we study one chapter each week and memorize two verses of scripture each month.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

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  1. Beloved

    “it’s the inner stretching that’s the hardest….”
    I am watching my babies grow up…and this so resonates with me. They are growing, becoming people with distinct tastes, opinions, and lives, and while I couldn’t be prouder, I am stretched to become something different, not just mom, but life coach, giver of advice, watcher in silence. I don’t think I was ready for my babies to grow up, but nobody is interested in whether or not I’m ready. It’s time…
    I’m your next-door-neighbor on Five Minute Friday, and I’m soooo glad I stopped by to read what you wrote. Thank you for stretching me in the way I see motherhood.
    Peace and good to you.

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