Daily Quiet Time: 15 Minutes Alone with God, Week 7

Aug 20, 2012

Hi Friends,

Wow! Even though the summer is over, my life is getting even busier. How about yours? I’m so glad that I have Emilie’s book to help keep me on track with my quiet time each day. Knowing I can still learn a lot and connect with God even if I only have 15 minutes is really helping me do better this time. Is it helping you, too?

My Birthday was this week and I got a Keurig. Yeah! So now I can have my coffee fast and easy without the risk of waking up the boys with a lot of noise. Double score!


I’ve been trying to wake up early to do my quiet time, but with weaning, potty training, and Ethan in a big boy bed, that isn’t always happening. Nap time is my fall back time (It’s always good for me to have a plan B). Have you gotten into a routine yet and found a time of day that works for you? I hope so.

Whatever time of day works best for you, grab your coffee and come join me this week as we dive into God’s word again.

Have a great week!


Find 15 Minutes Alone with God by Emilie Barnes at your local Christian bookstore or you can get it here from Amazon.

15 Minutes Alone with God, Week 7

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Do you find it hard to study the Bible?

It doesn’t have to be.

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You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

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