Five Minute FridayToday we’re joining Lisa Jo over at The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday. Every Friday writers join her and write for five minutes on one topic no over thinking and no editing. All are welcome! Come join the fun here–Five Minute Friday.


Honestly! I chuckled when I saw today’s word. Here I sit in the middle of boxes on my last packing day before our fourth, yes, fourth move this year. Crazy!

Change? I hate it. Thus one of the reasons we lived in the same house for the last, okay previous, nine years. But now God has called us to a season of change. So with two babies in tow, here we go again. This time off to completely new waters.

Jeremy’s job will be hard and keep him very busy, so it will be up to me to be the calmer of the chaos, the discoverer of fun, the friend and connection maker, the embracer of change. This change will be good.

We’re getting a little bit bigger place, Hallelujah! We’ll be very close to Jeremy’s work, Amen! (He’s been gone a lot of the last two weeks and that’s been hard on the boys and I.)…

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