Oct 17, 2012

Have you ever had one of those times that it seems like you just can’t get caught up. No matter how well you schedule to get everything done something keeps getting set aside again and again. Right now for me that something is Liam’s quilt. For weeks I’ve been trying to set aside time after 9 o’clock at night to quilt, and it just isn’t happening! No matter how hard I try the boys get in bed too late, the dishes are piled too high, I haven’t gotten a shower in two days…something pushes it off the to-do list. I finished Ethan’s quilt when he was 6 months old, and Liam is now 14 months old. Ugh!

My list is filled with equally good things, though. Today we drove to Tyler, TX and went horse back riding with Amber. Over the weekend we went to small group. Last week was filled with giving boys a bath every night, who were very dirty from days outside. Good things!

I have no answers. I’m sitting here at 9:16 pm and this post is scheduled to post at mid-night. But I do know it’s okay. Liam’s quilt will get done some day. Hopefully before he’s too big to use it. : ) The dishes will get clean and reused tomorrow, one way or another. One day I will turn around and actually find myself caught up. Probably when all my children are in college or married, but one day it will happen, and I will turn around and wonder where the time went.

I hope I can look back and see that it went to hugs, and kisses, and baths, and books, and days spent laughing and playing together. Sure projects may remain unfinished (and go to grandchildren instead), and dishes may stay stacked in the sink, but I will have those memories to occupy my mind as I quilt and clean, instead of no memories and only a clean house and a finished quilt.

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