What Mama Did…

“I don’t show any missed calls from you. What do you mean you’ve been trying to find me?”

She could feel his sheepish grin through the phone. “Well, no, this is the first time I called. You mom said…” That was all she needed to hear. Her mom. She didn’t like Will very much and was always spending him off on some fool’s errand. It was hard to tell what she had cooked up this time.

How many times over the years had she heard those words, “your mom said…” She said lots of things. She was the one to walk over to the smallest kid on the team and breath life into them. She was the one to show up on the darkest day of your life with bread in one arm and a hug in the other. She was the one to write just the right thing on your Facebook wall, even though she couldn’t possibly know.

Everything her…

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To check out the first two installments of this story click here. The first one is at the bottom. Enjoy!

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