I wrote this blog post on transitions 8 months ago, and I’m finding those words are just as true now with this move as they were then. Especially now that Jeremy is traveling again, I find myself thinking, “I can’t wait to go home…” Then I shake myself out of it and remember, “Hey! I am home.” This is finally our house. We finally have a backyard!

One would think this being our fourth move in 19 months that I would have this thing down. But honestly it’s hard every time. Every time I have to learn a new church, make new friends, figure out the rows in Wal-Mart. Every. Single. Time.

So I’m thinking when we experience change, even if it’s the same type of change over and over again, children are born, children go to school, children leave the nest, we move, we change jobs, ect… we need to go easy on ourselves Every. Single. Time.

We need to allow ourselves the chance to grieve, even if the change is good. We need to allow ourselves to be out of sorts. We need to allow ourselves time to figure out how to live in this new normal. Usually I find for moving, even thought I’m an organization nut, it takes me a good 3 months to find our new “normal” schedule and for me to get my footing.

So, once again, if you’re like me and life has changed on you, again, even if it’s in way you’ve experienced before, give yourself time to adjust and discover your new “normal.” Get off your back and let yourself be. I give you permission : )

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