It’s been six weeks or so since I’ve participated. Being sick and moving will do that to you : ) Oh, well. I’m back, and I can’t wait to get started! Here’s more of Sarah’s story with the word…


“What do you mean, “find your friend.” I thought Erin came back with you.”

“She did, Mom. But one of my friends from the orphanage in Romania has disappeared,” Sarah said.

“Aren’t there others out looking for her. You don’t know anything about that, Sarah, what can you do?” Will asked.

Sarah picked at a rose on the counter the petals dropping to the ground, “Actually, I don’t think anyone but her brother is looking. So many disappear there, there aren’t enough resources to look.”

“But why you, Sarah?” her mother asked. “I thought this trip was just about orphans that it would be safe.”

“For once I want to listen to my heart. I want to stop doing what everyone expects me too!” Sarah threw the rose stem down on the counter….

Fiction Friday is for me to have fun and get back in the habit of writing fiction. I hope you enjoy it! To check out the previous installments of this story click here. The first one is at the bottom.

I’m using the Gypsy Mama’s Friday prompts to get me started. Every Friday writers join together at for Five Minute Friday. One word, five minutes, no editing, and no back tracking. Come join the fun!

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