I’m breaking from Five Minute Friday this week, but I am still continuing with the story now titled Broken. Sarah’s part of the story, linked below, was chapter one, and here begins Chelsea’s story (I may change her name later) in chapter two. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2

Chelsea threw her clothes in her book bag and peeked out the bedroom door. Her Mom’s back was to her as she loaded the dishwasher and her Dad was already back to his TV show. Good. As she crept down the hallway her Mom turned around.

“Doing more studying tonight, honey?” she asked, as she pulled off her yellow gloves. “Is it something I can help you with?”

“No, Mom, I’m good,” Chelsea replied, “I’m just heading to the computer room to check out some of the facts in my paper.”

“Okay, honey, but about that fight with your Dad. You know he doesn’t mean anything by it. He really…”

“No, Mom,” Chelsea cut in. “We both know he does mean something by it. He really does think I’m a brat who gets in his way. He really was angry enough to slap my face just for finally standing up to him and refusing to take his crap.” She looked her mom in the eyes while she twisted her book bag strap around her hand until it hurt.

“I know. You know,” Mom said as she slid down into a chair at the table. “I’m so sorry.” She hung her head and ran her fingers through her hair already beginning to show some grey.

Chelsea took a step toward her then pulled back. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Mom. I’ll probably be up late.”

Chelsea head down the hall, past the computer room where her brother played games, and slipped out the back door. The cool night air hit her in the face. It wouldn’t be long before it got too cold to sleep outside. She thought about just going to Zoe’s house, but that was out of the question. It would be the first place they’d look.

She ran down the sidewalk until she came to the boundaries of the subdivision. As she turned to walk around the sign announcing “Park Wood Estates,” headlights came into view, and she ducked down behind the sign. After the tail lights were out of sight she continued on walking close to the fences and staying in the shadows. This close to home she’d be easy to recognize. Everyone close by knew the pretty theater girl from 1720 Elm St. even if they didn’t know her name. She’d been on the stages of this town’s school’s for years. Smiling for the audience, as she wept inside. It felt so good to break free!

Find Chapter one here. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the beginning of the story. This is a very rough first draft, so you will notice breaks in ideas along the way as the story changed direction.

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