He looked so small as I held him. No bigger than the length of my forearm. His tiny face all screwed up. His little fingers wrapping around mine. How could someone so small hold so much love. So much hope for the future.

Now he is not so tiny, but not so big either. He proudly declares as he runs around bouncing off walls, running laps around me and brother, that he is a “Big boy,” and he can do it because he is “big.” He is brimming with confidence. Confidence that he is loved. Confidence that he can take on the world. Confidence that he is the funniest little boy around. His face glows with this confidence. His smile makes me smile, even after holding a sick brother all day.

I pray no one takes that confidence away from him and makes him feel small. I know he has everything he needs to go wherever God leads him, I pray he always knows it, too…

Today I’m taking a break from Fiction Friday in order to do more research, but you can find all the installments of that story here. The first post is at the bottom.

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