Bible Study for Little Ones

Aug 19, 2013

Last week we talked about memorizing verses for little ones, and now I’m excited to tell you about the easy peasy way the boys and I work Bible reading into our schedule, too.

There are many, many good resources out there for children’s Bible reading and study. The study that begins Sept. 2nd has a couple of very good children’s studies to go along with our adult study of Luke. One is from The Dig and the other is a younger children’s version of our adult study. The Dig is a little too old for my kids, though it looks great! I tried the young children’s study last time, and though it is really good, too, with activities and everything, I’m just not organized enough right now to pull it off.

I decided a long time ago, that if I’m going to be successful at doing Bible study each day with my kids, it has to be as easy as my study, which is simply picking up my Bible and reading it. So that’s what we do.

Each morning as we sit down to breakfast I pick up their children’s Bible that sits right by the table. Sometimes we read cover to cover, sometimes I just pick out a story that goes along with the memory verse, and sometimes I just flip it open and see what comes up. After we read the story, I may ask them a few questions about it or I may not. Then we sing a couple of songs. Either ones I remember about the story or ones that they choose, and then we say a prayer. That’s it! It takes maybe five to minutes, because that’s really all they have attention for right now anyway.

Yes, some mornings one is running back and forth to the play room and the other seems to be too busy eating breakfast to listen, but I plug along anyway. I try really hard to not get angry or impatient, which I fear would give Bible reading a bad rap. Instead, I exclaim over the pictures and try to catch their attention with my enthusiasm over the story, songs, and prayer. Some mornings it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but we continue on anyway.

I choose mornings for us because that is the only predictable part of our day right now. When Ethan goes to school, I may have to change it up a bit. But for now my plan is to transition them to doing their quite time with God each morning before breakfast, like I do, as they get big enough to do so. I’ll let you know how that goes in a few years.

I try to keep it all very simple for our family for a couple of reasons. For me I want to get my children and I as close to God as we can be and having a bunch of extras between God and us stops and sometimes prevents that. Also, if it’s hard or complicated, I won’t do it. And spending time with God each day is so vital to becoming a disciple of His that I want to practice it myself and to grow it in my kids as well.

Below I’ve shared links to some of my favorite Young Children’s Bibles, but there are many other great Bibles for children out there.

Soon I hope to get Ethan his own real Bible, so we can start reading right from it and underlining his memory verses in it. I could use you’re help here. Do you have any suggestions of good beginner’s Bibles? I’d love to hear them and any ideas you have found for children’s Bible study. Please share in the comments below!

The Beginner’s Bible
The Candle Bible for Toddlers
Both are available in hard cover and Kindle!

Disclaimer: I am not receiving any compensation from or it affiliates for these links and suggestions. I simple find this material useful and want to share it with you.


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