Waiting, Part 4

Nov 13, 2013

Here I’m continuing to look back to where we have been the last two years. This post was written as I sat in our minuscule, dark apartment in Oklahoma City and continued to have more questions than answers…

I say to God my rock, “Why have you forgotten me?” ~ Psalms 42:9

This week Jeremy is traveling out of town. As we headed home after having lunch with him before he flew out, Ethan kept asking, “Where’s Daddy?” and instead of telling him Jeremy would be gone a few days, I just told him, “Daddy’s at work.” After repeating this conversation several times, it dawned on me this is what God does for us.
At times when He seems silent or gives little information, it may seem He has forgotten us. Instead it is because He only gives us the information we need or can handle at the time. This situation reminded me of what I read this week in my Priscilla Shirer study. She wrote:

Jesus knows a thing or two about timing and almost always operates on a step-by-step plan with His children…He is also well aware of when you and I have reached our capacity for hearing and understanding His plans. While our insatiable desire to know it all seems to rarely be satisfied, we must discipline ourselves to place confidence in His decision to give us the information we need to successfully accomplish the step we are on in the journey. He doesn’t withhold information because He doesn’t love you but because of His great love for you…Yield to the Father your list of details awaiting clarity. Ask Him to answer in His timing and to give you the measure of faith required to move forward despite not knowing. (Jonah: A life interrupted, 96-97)

I cannot tell you how badly I needed to hear those words this week. My feelings of peace had evaporated when yet another monkey wrench was thrown in the works. I was wondering, “What the heck, God? You spoke so clearly last fall. Why are you so silent now?” After reading Priscilla’s words, I’m trying hard to calm myself back down and hand Him my “list of questions.”

I’m so thankful that like us with Ethan, He doesn’t get angry when I ask, “Where next?” for the hundredth time. Instead, He patiently gives me the information He knows I can handle while I try to be still and wait for the rest.

Shirer, Priscilla. Jonah: A life Interrupted. 2010. Lifeway Press: Nashville.

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