What is my job?

Nov 12, 2013

This Friday we come on the 2nd anniversary of us leaving Oklahoma City and our home there. So this week I’m going to look back on my blog. To begin, here’s a post I wrote while in Hawaii in the Fall of 2011…

I joked with Mom that if there is a lesson God is trying to teach me in Hawaii (thus the repeated visits) maybe I want to be slow to learn. Now I’m rethinking that idea. Yes, as I sit here, I can see Pearl City laid out before me, one mountain range, a myriad of palm trees, and constant rainbows, but this constantly reoccurring scene is also temporary. It is a constant reminder that I’m not home and can’t begin to put down roots here.

As I sit here, my life reads like a chose-your-own-adventure novel (remember those as a kid?). We really have little idea where we’ll be and for how long once we return to the main land. Our house is under contract, which is a huge blessing, but we also no longer have a physical address to come home to. As a homemaker this uncertainty is hard. It makes me ask, what is my real job? Sure, I’m still an adjunct professor and a mom, but what is my job really made of?

You see as a homemaker, usually my job would be just that–to create a peaceful home in which my children can learn and grow about God. But how do I do that with our physical home in constant flux? How do I do that in an apartment that has 5 other people’s stuff in it? How do I do that when we might have to share the apartment with someone else? How do I do that when all our “stuff” is packed away in storage in Oklahoma?

The first thing I’m realizing is that I have to make God my home. Before I can even begin to bring peace to those around me in our constantly fluctuating physical location, I have to find that peace and that home within.

This task is SO hard for me! Though I love to travel, I am a homebody. I love to create and decorate a physical space to return to and call home. I love to cook with my bowls and utinsels, and with produce and prices that are consistent.

So to begin, I’m going to work to make 6:30, before the boys get up, my quiet time with God. Only with His help am I ever going to make Him my home and my peace. And only then will I be able to be a homemaker despite our changing physical circumstances.  So no matter what happens, as I begin my days with God, the rest will fall into place. As I sit here, I’m learning that trusting and following hard after Him is my one true job.

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