Finding time for Quiet Time, Mamas

Nov 4, 2013

At Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch, Fall 2013

Whew, this week has been challenging! Every morning one of the boys has woken up just as I’ve been sitting down with my coffee for my quiet time. Yes, I could start getting up a little earlier, but I’m not a very good mom if I wake up before 7am. I’m also a night owl, but not the kind that gets brilliant stuff accomplished after 9pm, instead I’m the kind that can’t fall asleep until mid-night, but spends that time reading something that doesn’t require much thought. After a day with kids, I’m shot.

So what’s a mama to do? Not doing it at all leaves me in a mood all day. I really need my quiet time to sit with God and get an attitude check each morning, and trying to do my usual study leaves me frustrated. So this week I’ve been setting aside my longer study and reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young over the boys’ heads while they “read” their Bibles with their milk. I find reading something that feeds me, but can be digested in quick bites in between kids’ questions works the best.
If I have time later in the day, say nap time or after bedtime if I’m coherent, then I’ll do my longer study. But this week Jesus Calling has been enough. I find doing something like this at least keeps me on track, so I don’t look up several weeks or a month later to discover I’ve been forgetting my quiet time.
Quiet time with God is so important for me to get in daily. Without it I to focus too much on me and on my daily tasks. I forget whose I am and what He has done for me. And when I’m in that kind of mindset, all other relationships in my life lose out, too.
Though it can be frustrating when my quiet time is interrupted daily by little ones, my own experience and this post on MOB Society remind me how important it is for our kids to see us spending time with God on a regular basis. It was the foundation of my Mom’s example that showed me God wasn’t found only in the church building but was interested in a whole life relationship with us. Now it’s the foundation of my own walk with Him.
If you’re struggling to find time with God daily, I encourage you to fit it in somewhere. Anywhere. I have friends who leave their Bibles in the bathroom. Those who write verses on cards and place them around the house. And one who even writes verses on her shower walls! (Love you, friend!)
The awesome thing about our God is that He will meet with us anywhere at anytime. We need only ask.

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