Perspectives ~ Amber Leech

Jun 14, 2014

Here’s a special post from Amber about an insight she had while in Romania…

It’s about how you look at it.

It is 930 in the morning in St. George, Romania. It Is 130 in the morning CST. I am getting out of bed to start my day. You may have been asleep for several hours, or you may have just woken up with a need to check you your kids to make sure they are okay. My husband and I have been in St. George for 2 weeks now and we will leave this beautiful place on Saturday to head back to the U.S.

This place changes perspectives.

The exchange rate financially is $1 USD- 3.17 Lei. This means that when I buy a cup of coffee for 3 Lei here I am paying $1. Someone with my profession will make in a month what I make in 1 day. When we fly back to the U.S. we see the commercialism clearly, but after a while we lose that perspective. I met a professional whose salary and wife’s salary equal what I spend on groceries for 2 weeks. There is on-going conflict between the Hungarians and Romanians in this area. The history is fuzzy at best depending on whose perspective you are reading from. A winner or a loser. It depends on whose side you are on. It’s all about perspective.

How many times do we get stuck in our perspective? We beat out 5 other people for our job, we (or our child) are the best, or better than someone else. Someone is a “jerk” (or insert another derogatory word). They are insensitive. What is their perspective?

As you go through this next week take a look at your perspective. Is there something that could be changed? Do you need to “get something in perspective”. God says he knows the plans for us, what is his perspective?

God, please help me see people from your perspective. Help me to see how you see and hear them from your ears. God, let me see the world the way you see the world, and if needed change my perspective. Amen.

Recommended reading: Andy Andrews ~ The Noticer and The Noticer Returns.

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