Search for Significance Chapter 1: Fighting Satan’s Lies with God’s Truths

Aug 31, 2015

Week 1 Focus Verse


How many of us base our self-worth on our performance? For me it is a constant battle. I look around at my house and see clutter everywhere. My box filled office, a toy filled playroom, the clothes and junk filled closets. In this mess I’m prone to feel like a failure as a mom, wife, and woman. This is my number one job and I can’t even keep up with it!?

But as I read our first chapter in the Search for Significance, I’m reminded this mess around me is not where my self-worth lies.

Satan would have me to believe my self-worth is based on the formula:

Self-Worth = Performance (what you do + Others’ Opinions (what others think or say about you).

But God’s truth and reality is:

Self-Worth = God’s Truth About You*

This week in Chapter 1, “The Light Comes On,” we’re going to begin learning how to fight Satan’s lies with God’s Truth. We’re going to begin to recognize the lies Satan whispers to us and replace them with the truth about who we are in Christ.

I’m so glad you’re joining us for this study! As we begin this week respond in the comments to these questions:

  • What makes you feel like a failure or a winner? How did you feel about yourself after you had succeeded? How did you feel about yourself after you had failed or were rejected?**
  • What difference would it make in your attitude, relationships, and goals if you grasped the reality that your worth is not conditional (based on performance) but is based on the truth of the unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance of God?**

These questions will help us begin to notice when we are listening to Satan, when instead we should be listening to God.


Additional Resources:

Here is the first video in the Search for Significance video series. The first two are on Youtube, but you have to purchase the CD for all the videos. You can do so here. Our local group all pitched in a few dollars, and at the end of the study, we’re going to donate it to our church library.


Week 1 Study Plan


Week 1 Apply


*Taken from The Search for Significance
 **Taken from The Search for Significance Leader’s Guide

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