Why White Hair at 19 Taught Me to Trust God

Dec 4, 2015

Tara L Cole

When people first meet me they usually wonder, “Is your hair dyed or natural?” If they have the courage to voice their question out loud, I answer, “God did it.” Though a short response, there is a much more complicated story behind my white streaked hair.

Once Upon A Time…

It began the Fall of 1999. I returned to school from a home that had been a battle ground. It felt like my Mom and I were in a foxhole trying to protect my brother and sister from the rage my Dad was spewing. I never knew when it would come. The only guarantee was it would.

Then several weeks into the semester, my friend Jodie died in a car wreck. She had visited campus a few weeks before, and I had just seen her! My friends and I were in shock!

Jodie had graduated the past Spring, and I had stepped in to her shoes in many organizations around campus. Walking into our social club meetings and filling her spot there was hard, but facing the little girl Jodie had tutored every week for several years made me want to turn and run. Every week the girl asked where Jodie was, but because she was so young, her Dad wanted me to avoid the question and say Jodie “went home.” Though I wanted to forget and move on, those weekly tutoring sessions were a never ending reminder of my friend.

During this time my stomach had been acting up. I would feel queasy, couldn’t eat, and foods I normally loved would make me feel sick. I chalked it up to the stomach problems that ran in my family, and I pushed on through my grief and stress on top of 18 hours of course work.

Then everything changed….

At my cousin’s wedding in December the first one appeared. My other cousin, Mallory, was standing over me at the wedding rehearsal and said, “You have a white hair!” I quickly responded, “No, I don’t!” but she insisted….

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