Where Guilt Comes From {Chapter 12: The Search for Significance}

Dec 7, 2015

Guilt vs convinction

Guilt. We all feel it, right?

Right now I’m really working to fight it off. A few days ago I had a sick baby. We were up half the night. When I took him to the doctor early the the next morning, I found out baby had a double ear infection. While we waited at home to pick up his Rx, I got online and placed an order to pick up my groceries at Walmart, instead of doing the rounds to Aldi to save money. I like to save money, especially since it’s Christmas and I feel like I’m hemorrhaging money in other areas. Guilt.

Being the first of the month I’ve got to pay bills and balance accounts. But I also need to write, do laundry, keep the house from burying us alive…If my baby wakes up early from his nap, I may not get it all done without popping him down in front of the TV for a bit. Guilt.

As we learn this week in our study, though, guilt is not from God.

The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, so we can turn from it, learn from it, and walk in a new life. He doesn’t heap on the guilt. That guilt is a tool of Satan. It’s one  that slows us down, makes us feel less than we are, and brings on condemnation.

I remembered these truths as Satan tried to heap on the guilt in the last few days. Do I need to feel bad that I didn’t save $20 by dragging my sick baby through a store? No! I need to be thankful (and I’m so very thankful!) I have the grocery pick up option.

Do I need to feel guilty for setting baby in front of the TV while I do the work God has called me to do and manage our house well? Absolutely not! It’s not a common occurrence and bills must be paid whether he’s sleeping or not.

This week as Satan tries to heap the guilt on us, let’s remember the truths we’re learning. The truth is guilt is not of God. Conviction that encourages change and growth is. {Click to Tweet!}

Let’s grow together: Where do you see Satan heaping on the guilt in your life this week? Which of God’s truths do you need to fight Satan’s lie with?

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