FMF: Surrender




Oh, good grief! So I’m here running from what I should really be writing tonight, and the word is “surrender.”

It’s so HARD to surrender, isn’t it?

So often we beg God to show us his will, his plans, but then when we know them, we find it very hard to follow. It’s not that following is something we don’t want to do. I want to work my other writing project, a study of Galatians called “Choose Freedom,” but finding the time is so hard.

But that’s just it. When God gives us an assignment, an idea, a prompt, we shouldn’t try to “find time” for it. We should make it one of the priorities in our day and let everything else ebb and flow around our God-given task.

Hummmm….What would that look like for me in my days? I’m still a wife, mother, and teacher. For me, it would look like not letting my teaching job squeeze out my writing. Once again making the moment when my butt first hits the chair the moment when I write. Only for my 500 words, but those add up.

What would it look like in your days? To give your God-gives task(s) priority instead of the leftovers of your day?

I’m  participating in Five Minute Friday over on Kate’s blog to give myself a little break from my regular writing on overacup.org.  Five Minute Friday is writing for five minutes, one word, no stopping no editing. If you’d like to read more posts on the word for this week , come join us on Kate’s blog. We’d love to have you! 


6 thoughts on “FMF: Surrender”

  1. To quote Marcia Burnett :”Get on the side of surrender.” Those wise words have stuck with me for years. Albeit easier said than done, it’s always the best advice to follow!


  2. I agree, it’s easy to intend to do what God is asking but not to get round to it, but it should be a priority to do what God is asking instead of giving him the leftovers of our time. Thanks for making me think today!


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