FMF: Crave

Dec 2, 2016



Actually, the first thing I thought when I saw the word “crave” was being pregnant. During each my pregnancies I craved a lot of food: PeiWei, chocolate ice cream, shaved ice, biscuits with fresh berries and whipped cream…

But now? Now I crave a clear schedule. I was talking to one of my friends this week, and she told me that she and her daughter were going to let the breakfast dishes go and just go the park. There wasn’t much on their schedule that day, and they were going to enjoy it.

That’s what I crave. It seems like my schedule is always jam packed. It was a backpack, the top would be halfway zipped, and papers would be fluttering out behind me as I walked.

It seems like my schedule is always jam packed. If it was a backpack, the top would be halfway zipped, and papers would be fluttering out behind me as I walked.

I do this to myself. I over commit and don’t figure in the time it takes to fulfill those commitments.

During this season of reflection, I want to take the time to really pray about my commitments and to figure out what’s the most important things that I need to do, and to learn to just let the rest go…

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  1. Lesley

    It is so easy to try to fit in too much and overschedule ourselves. I have certainly been there and it does leave us craving a bit of space and peace. It’s important to take the time as you’re doing to reflect on what really matters and what can be let go.

    • tlcole14

      Thank you for the encouragement! I’m so bad about over scheduling myself. It’s my gift ;P

  2. Carol E.

    I’m relishing a day with no outside commitments and wondering how I can get more of them myself! 🙂

    • tlcole14

      Oh, that sounds lovely! I hope you got to really enjoy it!

  3. Kirsten B.

    I agree! Find out what’s most important then let the rest go. Good words!

    • tlcole14

      Yes! It’s amazing what I think is important, but when someone gets sick, then I have time to find out what is most important.

  4. Patricia

    It’s such a busy season, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and over-scheduled. Peace for carving out moments to truly enjoy your family during this holiday season.
    Patricia (FMF#37)

    • tlcole14

      It’s funny. I craved a clear schedule, and these last few days God forced me to wipe it clean and see how clear it really was. Love how he does that!

  5. K Ann Guinn

    Visiting you (a week late) from Five Minute Friday, and I really enjoyed your post. Your backpack metaphor really hits home for me in many ways, and I think most women are accustomed to wearing so many “hats”. The Christmas season is a perfect time to slow down and savor the meaningful moments, regardless of the “to-do” list that we often give ourselves. God help us as we learn to prioritize our responsibilities and let go of the rest.

    • tlcole14

      Amen! I’m trying so hard to stop and listen to him priority list.

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