Shelby leaned forward trying to see over the edge of the platform. Why had she let Marcus talk her into trying one of these crazy zip line things. The view from the top made her stomach turn and she stepped back quickly. “What am I doing up here?” she whispered.

“You’re trying something new! Getting away from all that computer and planner that keep you so tied down,” Marcus laughed, pushing her helmet.

“Don’t do that!” Shelby said, backing further from the edge. “You could have pushed me off.”

“It’s perfectly safe, Shel. You just have to relax and let yourself go.”

“You all ready?” Mark, their guide asked, looking around at the group of five standing on the first raised platform.

“Is it too late to back out?” Shelby asked.

“Nope, but you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you don’t just step off….”

I’m  participating in Five Minute Friday over on Kate’s blog to give myself a little break from my regular writing on  Five Minute Friday is writing for five minutes, one word, no stopping no editing.

This time I’m trying out some fiction. The word prompt gets the story started, and it continues from there! We’ll see where it leads in the coming weeks. If you’d like to read more posts on the word for this week, come join us on Kate’s blog. We’d love to have you! 

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