Shelby closed her eyes and stepped off the platform into the air. She swallowed the scream in her throat and clenched her teeth. Nothing happened.

The soft whir of her pulley was all she could hear.

Shelby opened one eye and saw the trees zipping by on either side of her. As the wind gently blew against her face she looked ahead to the next platform. There was Marcus looking her straight in the eyes with the dumb grin on his face. She knew a big “I told you so” was coming.

John, the landing instructor, leaned out and caught her as she reached the platform and helped her to walk all the way on.

“How are you feeling?” John asked.

“That was great!” Shelby answered. “I couldn’t believe how safe I felt.”

“See I told you!” Marcus laughed slapping her helmet.

I’m  participating in Five Minute Friday over on Kate’s blog to give myself a little break from my regular writing on  Five Minute Friday is writing for five minutes, one word, no stopping no editing. If you’d like to read more posts on the word for this week, come join us on Kate’s blog. We’d love to have you! 

This time I’m trying out some fiction. The word prompt gets the story started, and it continues from there! We’ll see where it leads in the coming weeks. The first installment is here.

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