Play is one of the hardest things for me to do. Though it shouldn’t be since I have three sons and all they want to do is play.

This past week I finally, really played. Usually, I try to play with my boys but find myself thinking about my to-do list, the next writing projects, work, a million other things. Or I find myself observing us playing and think, “Am I playing enough? Am I playing too much? Am I doing this right?” And I take lots of pictures to show that I was “present” while playing with them.

But this past weekend I really, truly played. We went to Dallas and played at Nickel Mania. I was so engaged in playing the games with my kids, trying to help them get the most tickets, and enjoying the time with them that I forgot my lists, I didn’t just observe us, and there are no pictures to prove any of it. When I really let go and play, the only proof exists in the memory because I’m so engaged in the act.

We also played in the pool at the hotel every afternoon. I haven’t laughed with my kids like that in so long. I want to laugh like that more. I want to let go more and enjoy these little boys because soon they will be gone. Mostly, I want to let go and really play.

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