Comfort. Where does one find comfort? From reading my students’ introduction letters this week, I can plainly see that most are trying to find comfort. Their goals for after school almost always include a family, a nice home with some land, and enough money to be comfortable.

I find comfort in a warm cup of coffee. In my husband’s hugs. In my boys’ sticky kisses. In a morning on my back porch. But all these things, like my students’ goals, are all temporary.

As I see in the world around me they can be gone or changed in an instant.

I have learned that true comfort only comes from Christ. Truly, he is the one I run to for comfort every morning when my feet hit the floor. My personal prayer is, “Okay, God. I’m already weary and worn out. I cannot make it through this day without your strength and help. Please guide me through this day.”

I’m a Mom. A working Mom nowadays, but a mom…

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