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Comfort. Where does one find comfort? From reading my students’ introduction letters this week, I can plainly see that most are trying to find comfort. Their goals for after school almost always include a family, a nice home with some land, and enough money to be comfortable.

I find comfort in a warm cup of coffee. In my husband’s hugs. In my boys’ sticky kisses. In a morning on my back porch. But all these things, like my students’ goals, are all temporary.

As I see in the world around me they can be gone or changed in an instant.

I have learned that true comfort only comes from Christ. Truly, he is the one I run to for comfort every morning when my feet hit the floor. My personal prayer is, “Okay, God. I’m already weary and worn out. I cannot make it through this day without your strength and help. Please guide me through this day.”

I’m a Mom. A working Mom nowadays, but a mom…

This post is written from a prompt in the Five Minute Friday community. Every Friday Christian writers join together to write for five minutes, no editing, on one prompt. Come join us at We’d love to have you! 


11 thoughts on “Comfort”

  1. “I’m already weary.” How true that is! Sleep never seems to refresh, no matter its length.

    Jesus gives us what we need for each day. I’m in a transitional season and I’m seeing this up close. All the things I staked my sense of identity on are gone. He alone remains. It’s a little scary. When I begin to flail, He places a gentle hand on my heart and reminds me that He’s always there.


  2. Loved the clarity, truth, and wisdom here, Tara.

    I’m weary, too. Nights bring little sleep, only a sharpened awareness of pain, and perennial shortness of breath.

    And yet, I am comforted. God isn’t holding me close; He’s saying, you still have work to do, MY work. Deal with it. Do your job!

    God knows me pretty well, ’cause that’s what wins me over.

    #1 at FMF this week.


  3. I appreciate your post, Tara. It is wonderful to take comfort in the things and relationships in our lives, but you’re right: they don’t last, ultimately. We need a deeper source of comfort and strength. Thanks for writing this, and I’m glad to connect with you at FMF.

    Jeannie (at #80 in the linkup this week)


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