FMF: Done

Photo by Michał Mancewicz on Unsplash


I am done. Whew! Deep sigh. Looking at the next 6 months I just want to quit. “It’s too much, God!” I want to yell and throw my hands in the air. “What are you thinking!?”

Then he reminds me, I’m right. I can’t do it alone. But with him, it will get done. The most important things will be accomplished.

He also reminds me that looking down the pipeline at what’s coming is not beneficial. To worry about today because tomorrow has enough trouble of its own (Matt. 6: ?).

When I keep my focus on him, when I look to today, I have peace. I can rest. I can focus.

When I look at my capabilities, when I look at the oncoming storm, I am anxious. I can’t sleep. I am frantic.

God, please help me to focus on today. Help me to remember that though I feel “done” this is just the beginning when I look at you. You are writing a story I cannot see and you will provide what is needed at the moment. All the moments I face. Thank you for being my strength in the storms when I want to run and hide. In Jesus’ name Amen.

This post is written in response to a FiveMinuteFriday.com word prompt. Every Friday writers gather there to write for 5 minutes on one word, no editing. Come join us!

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