FMF: Thirteen

Jul 27, 2018


This FMF prompt is actually very hard for me.

This fall my oldest son turns nine. That number makes me count the days. Nine. Halfway to the sorta “done” mark. I know parents are never truly done. However, at 18 something shifts. You’re letting go more than holding on.

We’re 4 years ways from thirteen. From him being a teenager. Thank goodness! There are still so many things I want to teach him. So many ways I desire to be proactive and intentional about the way we raise him. Raise him to overcome his weakness and strengthen his strengths. All wrapped in a big dose of God’s guidance and help.

When I have a three year old, it seems like this parenting thing will last forever. That it will always be hands on and hard. But as he now approaches nine, and I look toward thirteen and then eighteen, I realize it is so brief. And there is so much to be learned, by him and me. I just pray it’s enough.

That the lessons and examples we teach and live today will carry him on into eternity.

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  1. Carol

    As parents we so often need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All of my children are young adults with families of their own. Now we share prayer requests. May God bless you as you guide your son! Visiting from FMF.


      Thank you for your encouragement, Carol. I hope my sons and I can do the same one day.

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