This FMF prompt is actually very hard for me.

This fall my oldest son turns nine. That number makes me count the days. Nine. Halfway to the sorta “done” mark. I know parents are never truly done. However, at 18 something shifts. You’re letting go more than holding on.

We’re 4 years ways from thirteen. From him being a teenager. Thank goodness! There are still so many things I want to teach him. So many ways I desire to be proactive and intentional about the way we raise him. Raise him to overcome his weakness and strengthen his strengths. All wrapped in a big dose of God’s guidance and help.

When I have a three year old, it seems like this parenting thing will last forever. That it will always be hands on and hard. But as he now approaches nine, and I look toward thirteen and then eighteen, I realize it is so brief. And there is so much to be learned, by him and me. I just pray it’s enough.

That the lessons and examples we teach and live today will carry him on into eternity.

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