How to Invite Jesus into your Daily Chores

Praying while doing chores has been an attitude changer for me. I’m not a fan of chores. I know, who is, right? Praying is one way I’ve found to give me a better attitude in the midst of them and invite Jesus in, instead of complaining to myself about the fact I have to do them.

Today, while you fold the laundry, clean the kitchen, pick up the house, etc… try praying for those you’re picking up after. As you fold your husband’s shirt, say a prayer for him. Thank God for him and pray God guides him throughout the day. This idea is especially helpful if you’re upset at the person you’re praying for. It’s hard to pray for someone and stay angry with them.

If you live alone, this is a good time to pray for your family members who live away from you. Ask God to bless them today and help them through any specific circumstances you know they might be going through.

Also, take the time to pray for yourself, especially if you’re like me and struggle with a good attitude while doing chores. Tell God. Ask him for a better perspective on this type of work. He loves to answer those types of prayers!

Abiding Alone

Try this way of abiding today. What chores are on your list? Who could you pray for while doing them?

Abiding with Kids

What chores will you do with your kids today? Who can you encourage them to pray for during that time? Begin with who they’re serving by doing the chore. Cleaning the kitchen = their family; setting the table = the conversations that will take place; raking leaves = those who will play there… Write some of your ideas down for helping your kids pray through their chores.



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