If you’re struggling with prayer or where to begin, one of my favorite resources for prayer is Prayer in Practice by J.L. Gerhardt. In this workbook, she doesn’t just tell about the theory or theology of prayer. Instead, she gets us praying right away in many different ways.

As the book begins, she helps us overcome our “prayer hurdles” and figure out why we don’t pray more. Through thoughtful reflection questions, she guides us on a prayer journey and helps us begin praying right now.

She also helps us overcome our prayer misconceptions, including how long is “right” to pray. She helps us see that prayer can be anything from a quick 5-second prayer to a much longer time devoted to prayer. There is no one right way to pray.

One of my favorite prayer suggestions from Prayer in Practice  is the “Blessing Gems.”  J.L. Gerhardt encourages us to search through our day looking for “gems,” things to be thankful for. My sons and l love to play this game together!

Blessing Gems is just one of the over 50 suggested ways to pray that J.L. Gerhardt shares throughout Prayer in Practice.

If you struggle with prayer or just want to learn other ways to pray, check out J.L. Gerhardt’s book on Amazon today.

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