Getting our kids to listen to God’s word can be a challenge! Even with our best intentions, they fidget, drag their feet, and won’t sit down.

What if we embraced their wiggles and need for movement in ways that were lifegiving? What if instead of thinking quiet time needs to be quiet, we intentionally looked at how God made them and helped them connect to him in those ways?

This is what I love about Sacred Pathways for Kids: 9 Ways to Guide your Child into Relationship with Jesus by Christie Thomas and myself. It helps you discover how your child relates best to Jesus. The first chapter explains what the pathways are and has a quiz to help you discover which pathway(s) relate to your child. Then the following chapters explain each pathway, connect them to the Bible and Jesus, and then give you activities, printables, and resources to help you dive deeper and learn to nurture the pathway(s) in your child.

What I love most about this book is that it isn’t just one more thing on a very long to-do list. The activities we suggest take very little preparation and 15 minutes or less of your time. Many of them will teach you how to begin conversations with your kids, so you can have them throughout your day as the “teachable moments” occur.

Really, our goal is to help you and your children see that pursuing a relationship with Jesus isn’t just for 15 minutes each morning during a quiet time, but like Deuteronomy 6:6-9 says, it’s something that happens as you walk along the way, as you sit down and as you rise. It is possible to help your child build a relationship with Jesus day-by-day just as he made them.

If you need help discovering your child’s Sacred Pathways and helping them connect with Jesus throughout their day, please check out Sacred Pathways for Kids.

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