How to Connect Our Children to Christ

Jun 17, 2019

Did you know quiet time doesn’t always work?

Shocker, right?

As much as I love to sit down with God each morning and sip my coffee while reading my Bible, my three sons would rather run, climb trees, dig in the dirt, or build with Legos.

At first, I thought I was a failure. I thought that because I couldn’t get them to sit down and listen to me read, they were going to end up as little heathens.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It wasn’t that I was failing, it was that I was failing to connect them to Jesus in the special and unique ways God made them.

In his books, Sacred Pathways, Gary Thomas explains that our Sacred Pathways are the special and unique ways we all connect to God. He describes nine pathways: traditionalist, naturalist, sensate, caregiver, activist, intellectual, enthusiast, ascetic, and contemplative.

Like your children, each of my boys is very different. One likes to analyze things and figure out how they work (intellectual), another likes to explore nature (naturalist), and the third likes a good dance party (enthusiast). Trying to get them to sit and listen to a story without keeping in mind their pathways sets us up for failure and frustration.

But when I adapt to their pathways by including analysis, nature, and movement, even into a simple Bible story, I help them see that they are welcome in God’s presence in the special way he made them.

Over the last few months, Christie Thomas and I have taken Gary’s ideas and adapted them for kids. Yeah!

In Sacred Pathways for Kids: 9 Ways to Guide Your Child Into Relationship with Jesus, we:

  • Provide a Quiz to help you discover your child’s Sacred Pathway(s).
  • Describe what they may look like in your child.
  • Connect each pathway to Bible characters and readings.
  • Give activities you can do today.
  • Suggest resources to help you dig deeper.

I have already learned so much about my sons while helping Christie develop this book and have learned more ways to help them connect with Christ.

Purchase your copy today and begin to help your child connect to Christ in the unique way God made them.

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  1. Patty Scott

    This is wonderful! Can’t wait to check it out.

    • Tara L. Cole

      Thank you, Patty! You’ll find it in my shop : ) Would love to hear what you think!

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