God Stories: Christie Thomas

Sep 22, 2019

We know connecting with God is important. We know the helping our kids grow up to love him is equally important. As Moms, it’s one of our biggest goals. But we’re often left scratching our heads as to how. 

We love God, and we want our kids to love him, but how do we help them build that relationship? 

Through many years as a children’s minister at her church and now the leader of the Hope Grown Faith community, Christie Thomas has also wrestled with that problem. She has three boys of her own ranging in age from 10-5 and helping them build their relationships with God is one of her top priorities. 

On Monday, Sept. 23rd @ 9pm CST, come listen to Christie share her God Story, in the Abide Facebook group, of how she has learned to help her sons begin to build a lifetime of faith and teach other parents to do the same. 

Whether you’re a parent, aunt, grandparent, or just love kids, you’ll be blessed as Christie shares what she’s learned. Come join us!

Christies’ Books:

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