As a deer pants for flowing streams,

    so pants my soul for you, O God.

My soul thirsts for God,

    for the living God.

When shall I come and appear before God?

Psalm 42:1-2, ESV

Like the writer of Psalm 42, do you desire to meet with God, yet you struggle to fight off all the distractions in your day? Do you begin your day with the best of intentions but find them quickly pushed aside by mounds of laundry, kid interruptions, or even Facebook scrolling? 

Join me this week as we learn how to intentionally plan for those distractions that keep us from God and find ways to help them draw us to him instead.

Learn tips and resources to fight distractions like: 

  • Kid interruptions
  • Social media scrolling
  • Exercise guilt
  • Anxious thoughts


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