Episode 3: How to Focus on God’s Faithfulness in the Chaos

Sep 8, 2020

Kim Wahl shares her God Story of when she found her 8 yr old daughter unresponsive from a diabetic coma. Through that time, her family learned how to focus on Jesus despite the chaos around them.

During this time of quarantine and crazy school schedules related to COVID, it can be so easy to let the challenges distract us from Jesus. Kim teaches us how to rise above the storm and place Jesus at the center.

In this episode learn to:

  • Trust Jesus through the storms
  • Find peace in His presence 
  • Discover clarity in the chaos 


Connect with Kim

Kim Wahl is a Louisiana girl with a deep appreciation for fried okra and beignets. She is the wife of the sweetest man alive, mom to three great kids and Nina to two adorable little firecrackers (with another on the way!). She is a teacher, speaker, ordained minister, and author who loves to communicate Biblical Truths that will enable you to get one step closer to the heart of Jesus. She and her husband Bill released their first book The Complaining Cure: How to Quit Grumbling, Stop Complaining, and Find Abundant Joy in November 2019. They co-lead The River Church on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron in Fort Gratiot, Michigan.

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  1. Penny Ledezma

    So many great nuggets from Kim Wahl. I loved this!

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