How to Hold to Hope During Times of Grief with Sara Ward

Feb 23, 2021

“Grief has grown my faith.”

Sara Ward

Sometimes we go through times of brokenness due to sickness and death. When we go through those seasons of loss, Sara reminds us that we can grieve differently. We have hope because of Jesus! 

Here she helps us learn how to champion hope and gives practical ways to live out that hope! I just loved talking to her and hearing her intentional, practical, loving approach to remembering our loved ones in special ways.

In this episode learn how to: 

  • Be a hope champion
  • Remember and celebrate loved ones
  • Identify and process grief 
  • Connect with God during times of grief 
  • Help our children through times of grief


Connect with Sara: 

Sara R. Ward is the author of the book Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness, which tells the story of her son and shows readers what God has to offer in the midst of our brokenness as we grasp to make it through a difficult season. 

She has been published on the Today Show Parenting Team, Focus on the Family,, and (in)courage. Sara also speaks to women’s groups about cultivating joy and faith and is the host of the Made for Hope Podcast. She is a wife and mom to three adopted children and resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can find her online at

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