Ep. 29: How to Give Yourself and Your Kids Grace with Amber Palmer

Oct 12, 2021

Do you struggle with the woulda, shoulda, couldas in your life? I know I sure do. There are so many choices that I’ve made as a mother that I wish I could take back. But as Amber reminds us in this episode, we need to give ourselves and our kids grace. We need to remind ourselves of God’s grace and that His expectations of us are often different from our own. 

This episode falls in a season where I’m learning I need to give myself grace. I recently discovered that the exhaustion I’ve been fighting the last year isn’t a quick fix. There is no magic pill that will make it go away. So as I learn how to stop fighting the exhaustion and to work within the limits God has for me right now, I’m slowing down the podcast release times. I’ll have this episode and one more to release this fall. Then I’m going to take a break until January. 

If you want to stay connected during this time, I’ll still be showing up here in your inbox each month and in our OverACup Patreon Community. Those will be the very best places to connect with me over the next few months. 

If like me, you need to learn to give yourself grace during this season of your life, pull up a chair and join me as Amber shares her story.


Connect with Amber: 

Amber is a wife of thirteen years and an easily overwhelmed mom of two kiddos. She has a big heart for encouraging moms and helping them keep their eyes locked on Jesus. Through her writing, Amber hopes to glorify Jesus in the broken pieces and beautiful moments of motherhood. You can find her at My Jars of Clay

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