Welcome to another episode of the Over a Cup Podcast. I am so glad you’re here this month. My guest is Mary Carver. 

Mary is a writer and a podcaster, her podcast The Couch with Mary Carver talks about the intersection of faith and pop culture. She’s also a mom and a wife. And she has a new book coming out called Prayers From the Parking Lot and it is for moms who find themselves in the parking lot, either kind of trapped while they’re waiting on their kids or maybe just hiding out from their kids, getting a few extra minutes of quiet in the minivan before they go inside back to the chaos.

In this episode, we discuss motherhood, parenting, and specifically helping our kids navigate friendships. 

Show Takeaways: 

  • Listen in to hear the importance of how we as parents can pray over and help our children navigate friendships.
  • Discover how Mary did this in her own life and what she’s learned. 
  • Learn some practical ways to help your children navigate friendships no matter what their age. 

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