Ep. 38: How to Keep the Lines of Communication Open with Teens with Michelle Diercks

Sep 6, 2022

Over A Cup welcomes back author, podcaster, and speaker, Michelle Diercks as we focus on our kids, prayer, and school year this season.  Michelle is a mother of two boys,  and shares some sage advice for communicating and guiding our children through situations no one plans for.  She also shares how she has instilled the love of being in God’s word and how it has impacted her boys and their relationship with God. 

 *Warning, mature topics are discussed in this episode.  

Show Takeaways: 

  • Learn helpful phrases to guide your children in conversations they may have with peers
  • Discover ways to help kids stay faithful from second grade until twenty
  • Listen in to hear how to keep lines of communication open with our kids through the teen years

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