6 Ways to Deepen your Family’s Relationship with Jesus

Two of the biggest myths that I hear about deepening our relationships with Jesus are that it is:

  1. Too hard
  2. Too time consuming

Actually, it is neither. In less than 10 minutes a day, you can begin a habit that helps you and your family build a lifetime of faith.

Many are available for FREE, on your phone, now. Or can be done with little to no preparation.

These aren’t all ways to do “quiet time” either. Yes, quiet time is valuable and reading your Bible is necessary to building a relationship with Jesus, but it doesn’t have to be dull and boring, and it doesn’t have to take half your morning.

The ideas you’ll find here are ways to deepen your relationship with Jesus throughout your day.

Just like you developed a relationship with your best friend by doing life together, the same is true of Jesus. We need to invite him into our daily life to build a lifetime of faith.

Let’s discover how to do that together.

Below you’ll find 6 ways to begin to deepen your faith and build you and your family’s relationships with Jesus. They have been tested over many years by my family in the trenches of life during times of high stress in college, little time between jobs, and no sleep while parenting. If they can help in those environments, they can help in any.

I invite you to try them and see how they help you invite Jesus into your life, so you, too, can build a lifetime of faith.

  1. Quick Bible Reading
  2. Praying During Chores
  3. Short Devotionals
  4. Connecting Through Music
  5. Meaningful Mealtimes
  6. Loving Through Service

If you’d like support while deepening your relationship with Jesus, please join our Abide private Facebook group. There you’ll find support, ideas, and resources to help you continue on this journey to building a lifetime of faith. We’d love to have you!

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