One of the things I loved most about Hawaii was that it is all about God. Going snorkeling at Molokini to explore his handy work under the ocean, taking hikes on Kauai or driving around Maui to discover the wonders he made, sitting at Sunset beach marveling at his power in the waves or waiting at Sandy beach to catch just a glimpse of a whale, surfing or swimming at North Shore enjoying the playground he built for us. It’s all about Him! One thing I learned from Hawaii was that the creation, just being, brings glory and praise to God.

How often with ourselves do we feel just being isn’t enough? As we go about our daily tasks that we’re not doing enough. But, watching nature I have come to realize that as long as you’re pointed toward God and allowing him to grow you—just like nature—you’re bring glory to him.

Think about it, if the stream said, “Well, since I’m not a powerful waterfall, I’m not doing enough.” We would think this silly. Each gives us a different glimpse of the heart of God. The waterfall shows us his power and might; the stream his peace and stillness. Each just by their nature brings glory to him.

Even Jesus said he was only doing and saying what God told him to and that it brought glory to God (John 12:49-50, 17:4). If we, like Jesus, spend time with God, listen to him, and follow where he leads, how can we do anything less than bring glory to him as well?

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