My first Mother’s Day was great! Ethan and Jeremy gave me their cards before we left for church—so sweet! In church Ethan made it half way through class before they came and got me. I think I figured out why he’s only making it half way, though. He loves to watch and sing during story time, but since he’s a little shy, he’s not too keen on the play time later. Oh well, he’ll learn.

For lunch we went to BJ’s Brewhouse with my mom and Mat and Natalie. The waitress got our table size wrong, so the poor guy behind us practically had to sit with Axel on one side of him and Ethan behind him. They both did pretty well, but when the couple left you could tell they were a little put out. Oh, well again. The food was great, though, and the Pazookis were soo good! Great pick for Mother’s Day, Nat!

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