One of the biggest fears of many soon-to-be parents is that they might have a special needs child. Cherry was the same before God blessed her with Zachary, her son on the autism spectrum. 

Through her God Story, Cherry not only encourages parents with special needs children to lean into God’s plan for their child’s life, but she encourages all of us to embrace who God made our children to be. 

In this episode learn how to: 

  • See the good in hard circumstances
  • Be our kid’s champion
  • Let go of our expectations for our children
  • Trust God with our kids and their future


Connect with Cherry: 

Cherry Fargo is a certified Life Coach and the founder of Being Remade. She has a heart to help women discover the freedom, identity & purpose they were born for. She currently lives in the Tulsa, OK, area with her husband of 25 years and the youngest 2 of their 4 children.

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