God’s Story ~ Some Encouragement for Your Week

This month I’ve rounded up some of our most popular God Stories from the past four years to share with you. These are stories from women who have been in your shoes, stood where you are, and have seen God show up in their lives. They aren’t endowed with...

God’s Story ~ Just Let God

    There was a season in my life when everything seemed hopeless and grey. My exteriors would have belied the hurricane of emotional turmoil swirling in my heart and mind. I had a loving husband, three young children, a solid roof over my head, a ministry...

When God Surprised Me With His Mercy, Part 2

    Image Credit: Morguefile.com Continuing my story from last month of how I found love after a failed marriage and vowing never to marry again… From my perspective, I had chosen so poorly in my first marriage that I did not trust my judgment of...

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